Master Plan for the Community created by University of Colorado College of Architecture & Planning 

consolidating design input from over 800 individuals from 18 countries.

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A Colorado nonprofit

501(c)3 tax exempt corporation

Learn how to help citizens from urban slums to create new, small, poverty-free Sustainable Family Communities (SFCs). Assist them to acquire land and funding from within their own country, to build Community-owned, food-producing commercial businesses. Each of these businesses create over 100 new jobs with livable wages.  ALL profits from these businesses are used for training, building homes, providing facilities and services, paying the Community’s operation and maintenance expenses, creating food security and starting additional SFCs so more citizens can benefit. The SFCs are designed to last for generations with no government subsidies or ongoing donations.  This is not a charity, but a

free-market initiative helping people to help themselves.

We know of no other humanitarian initiative in the world able to assist impoverished citizens to create communities that have all of these outcomes in each Community at the same time:

Sustainable Family Communities® and Families for Orphans™ are initiatives of nonprofit Our Family Orphan Communities, Inc.

P O Box 158 Conifer, CO 80433

Our mission is

Leading the way out of global poverty®

by implementing

Sustainable Family Communities®

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