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Contact Information:

Sponsoring Organization:

Contact Name:

Contact Position:

Contact Phone/Fax Number:

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Contact E-mail:

Contact Address:

Website URL:


Please Describe Your Program/Meeting/Event:

Date of Program:

Time of Program:

Location of Program:

Name of Program:

What is the Theme/Purpose of the Program:

Time of Speakerís Presentation:

Length of Presentation:

Audience Composition:

Approximate Size of Audience Expected:

Will this event be videotaped?

(If so, you agree to provide an unedited copy and edited to the speaker)

What is your budget for the speaker fee and expenses?


Written Materials/Biography:

Due Date for Written Materials & Biography:

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Audio/Visual Equipment:

If audio/visual is used, will the sponsor provide necessary equipment?

Due Date for Submission of requirements:

Contact Person for audio/visual arrangements:





Please provide any needed information on directions, how early the speaker should

arrive before the presentation, where to report upon arrival, etc.


Submit this request for speaker information by email or mail to:

SFC Speaker Request

Our Family Orphan Communities, Inc.

P O Box 158 Conifer CO 80433-0158 USA



If you are in a hurry, perhaps needing a last minute replacement for a speaker, call us at:

Office: 303-514-6858 (please leave a message if we do not answer when you call)


Request a speaker on Sustainable Family Communities